Government Funded Courses in Australia


Like most of us, we finish studying a degree in the field we think we want to be in and then try and figure out what we actually wan to do with our careers.

I’ve had a part time job with a small business for a number of years, and just recently the company has expanded as we’ve grown our portfolio. All great news, but I thought that with the expansion it was probably time I furthered my education to help with the new role that opened up at the company.

I started working here when I finished uni because I knew one of the directors, so even though I completed my business course, I never did anything to do with management. Don’t worry, I’m a very good manager, but I’ve just never had the qualification to get me to the next level in income.

After speaking with my boss to see what his thoughts were, we decided I should enrol in a an online course through Acquire Learning.

Acquire Learning provide a range of government funded courses in Melbourne, they are on offer through several different educational institutions across the country. I enrolled in one of their many business courses and I can study all my units online so I don’t miss any time off work.

They even sort me out with my own career advisor to check in my progress, see how I’m doing with my assessments, that sort of thing which is the main reason I went through them and not directly through the course provider.

Once I finish, I’ll have a qualification in business management and can bring a whole new set of skills back to my role at the company.

It’s exciting stuff, and for anyone looking at going back to school I’d suggest Acquire Learning every time.

My space-saving garden walls look great!

Garden-wallsI’ve recently started getting into horticulture and planting. I decided our garden was too bare at home and that it could do with a revamp. It’s a decent sized yard, but half of it is unusable as it’s a paved entertainment area.

I planted the small amount of garden beds that I could, and it was really rewarding researching the plants and shrubs I should plant and then making it happen. I really wanted to add a touch of green to the entertaining area, as well, as I figured it’d be a shame to leave it all bland and concreted. I found a company by the name of O2 Plant Walls that design and install vertical garden walls, and I thought that was perfect – what a great idea!

It’s like a normal garden bed in that you can use whatever plants, shrubs or flowers that you like, but they can all be installed vertically in the form of garden walls. The guys over at O2 are experienced landscapers and horticulturists, so I knew I was in good hands. They installed them last week and they’ve really made a huge difference to our outdoor area. Anyone in the same boat as me, I’d suggest you look these guys up.

Rave reviews for sweet storage solutions

storage-solutionsComing up with creative storage solutions is difficult in our pokey apartment. As it is my wardrobe is overflowing in to the guest bedroom so finding space for collectables and antique furniture that we have inherited but can’t yet use is near impossible.

As such we have been using Guardian Storage as our personal storage facility for over two years and it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with them. Their prices have remained low and affordable throughout the time that we have used their storage and there has never been a threat of break in to our unit

Now that we are moving and they are helping us deliver our storage unit contents to our new place, I felt compelled to write and say thank you for a wonderful service and to pass on my raving reviews to anyone in need of storage solutions.

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Playing Golf in China

There are many Chinese that are absolutely mad about golf and to cater to that market, they’ve set up some really exceptional golfing resorts in beautiful parts of the country. Playing golf in China can be as good an experience as you’re likely to find anywhere. They have courses designed by some of the worlds best golfers and packages that are really reasonably priced. Continue reading


Furniture Storage For Real Estate Agents

We operate a small family run real estate agency and we like to think we offer services and the sort of attention to detail you don’t get many other places. We are often asked to help with temporary furnishings to make an empty home or apartment look more presentable and homely.

Typically, an agency would find someone from whom they can rent furniture but it tends to look very cheap and generic.

We have accumulated a lovely collection of quality furniture over the years for this exact purpose and when we aren’t using it we store it for next to nothing at Discount City Storage.

In the long run it’s a cheaper option and a much nicer one. For furniture storage visit


Ignorance is not bliss for your business…this is why you need SEO in Melbourne

If you are like me you won’t even know the difference that different Google search terms make to your website, or what a Google ranking means. You would never have heard of SEO or why on earth you would possibly need Search Engine Optimisation in Adelaide…then I would tell you, that is exactly why, like me, you need

I now understand that the difference between one keyword in Google searches can be the difference between customers finding your website and not.

That having a high Google ranking means online traffic and more buyers.

That the reason that I need Search Engine Optimisation is to achieve these aforementioned things, and the people that taught me these things and gave me these results, were the brilliant team at


Emergency Plumber That Understands Emergency

I’ve needed an emergency plumber maybe twice in recent memory. I guess the term emergency gets thrown around a bit but for us, overflowing toilets certainly qualified.

The first time it happened was some sort of bizarre comedy of errors, almost farcical in the way it played out. I’ve never experienced a ‘professional,’ that was so decidedly incompetent.

So when it happened again we knew who we weren’t going to call but still weren’t sure who we would.

We looked up emergency plumber and ended up speaking to Watermaster Plumbing.

They were around in a flash and had the problem under control quickly, it particularly impressed us that they stayed around and cleaned everything up for us after; it made a real difference.


Great Healthy Meal Plans

The idea of prepared food being delivered to the house kind of undermined me a little at first. It had always been a task I took seriously; the pleasure and nutrition of healthy, delicious meals for my family. I’ve started working more and I still cook a few times a week but being able to supplement that with a service like Dineamic’s has really helped.

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