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My space-saving garden walls look great!

I’ve recently started getting into horticulture and planting. I decided our garden was too bare at home and that it could do with a revamp. It’s a decent sized yard, but half of it is unusable as it’s a paved entertainment area. I planted the small amount of garden beds that I could, and it […]

Rave reviews for sweet storage solutions

Coming up with creative storage solutions is difficult in our pokey apartment. As it is my wardrobe is overflowing in to the guest bedroom so finding space for collectables and antique furniture that we have inherited but can’t yet use is near impossible. As such we have been using Guardian Storage as our personal storage facility for over two […]

Playing Golf in China

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There are many Chinese that are absolutely mad about golf and to cater to that market, they’ve set up some really exceptional golfing resorts in beautiful parts of the country. Playing golf in China can be as good an experience as you’re likely to find anywhere. They have courses designed by some of the worlds […]

Furniture Storage For Real Estate Agents


We operate a small family run real estate agency and we like to think we offer services and the sort of attention to detail you don’t get many other places. We are often asked to help with temporary furnishings to make an empty home or apartment look more presentable and homely.

Kitchen Designs in no Time


We needed several kitchen designs done in no time to get them in for the final version of our planning application for a new development we are working on. We were happy to have the architect do the general designs but we knew we wanted a specialist for the kitchens as the focal point of […]

Build a Kitchen in Melbourne


The combined love of Australians, for cooking and home ownership provide wonderful opportunities for kitchen builders here. Some companies really seize on that opportunity and build some absolute gems. I really like what I see from Perennial Kitchens.